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An immersive train experience for diversional therapy

We serve aged care homes in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Give the gift of a virtual train ride, and make someone smile today.


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Prolonged inactivity, a lack of stimulation and loneliness are silent threats for the elderly, leading to a range of health complications including depression, accelerated cognitive decline, and an increased risk of chronic diseases. 


Multiple studies have shown the positive impact of diversional therapy on mental health. By stimulating the senses and evoking memories, our immersive train journeys are more than just entertainment—they're a therapeutic escape that can combat feelings of isolation and confinement, and are a step towards healthier aging.


Imagine the romance of a train journey across the picturesque Swiss Alps or the bustling streets of Tokyo—all from the comfort of your care community! Our mobile train experience revives the thrill of traveling for our elderly loved ones, ensuring they never feel confined by their physical limitations.

On the Olive Express, we bring the journey to your loved ones.

window view from train on bridge

Travel (well, kinda)

All the best parts of travel, without the hassle

table set for high tea

Gourmet bites

Culinary treats to delight our guests

collection of polaroids


All adventures should end with beautiful memories

Residential aged care

70th Birthday

Private hire
(e.g. birthday parties)

Olive Express group_edited.jpg

Community or social groups

1-hour session for 5 guests
includes tea, coffee & high tea


As a social enterprise, our dedication to serving the community goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to affordability and inclusivity. We're here to offer you cost-effective virtual travel experiences.


Connect with us to find out how we can tailor our journeys to fit your needs and budgets.

we operate in Queensland, in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast

Join our Brisbane
volunteer crew

Be part of the team creating joyful experiences. Your efforts power our train experiences. The smiles, the wonder, and the joy are real. Come see!


Olive Express-founder.jpg
Che and his nan Olive


Che's nan Olive was a feisty character who was larger than life. She loved to travel, and particularly enjoyed train rides. We're sure she'd get a kick out of seeing how we are celebrating her memory by helping others get a bit of joy back in their day.

guest seated at table watching the view from the virtual window


Diversional therapy for seniors is a specialised therapeutic approach that focuses on providing recreational and leisure-based activities to seniors. The primary goal is to enhance emotional, cognitive, social, and physical well-being by diverting and engaging their minds in meaningful pursuits.

Studies show the following benefits:

  • stimulates the brain, which can delay cognitive decline and improve overall mental functioning

  • helps maintain a sense of personal identity and purpose, when they engage in familiar activities or hobbies (such as leisure travel)

  • encourages social interaction that helps foster friendships and combat feelings of loneliness

  • can be particularly beneficial for those with dementia or other cognitive impairments, as engaging the senses helps to keep them connected with their surroundings.

Long Train Ride


Olive Express is an innovative aged care service that brings an immersive train experience to seniors and individuals who miss the joy of travelling. We want to promote emotional well-being, cognitive stimulation, and socialisation through a leisurely train ride.

If you already have a date in mind, tell us when, and let's chat details!

Thank you for your message!
We will reply as soon as we can.


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We take all precautions to keep our guests safe. Our attendants test daily, and sanitise all surfaces between sessions, to ensure we maintain a safe environment for everyone.  

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